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  1. Starting from September 1 until December 1, I am taking part at Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts ( NAC )  residency programme. 


  2. Published new video documentation of the latest show Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers, episode 2 . 

    Liene Pavlovska, Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers, installation views, July 22- August 19, 2020, TIK, Riga, LV

    The show included video work, that was a collaboration with choreographer Sintija Siliņa. In the role: dancer Inga Raudinga

    The show “Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers” is created around the interest in formation of representations of collective desires and how narratives of past, present and future manifest and are constructed in a conditional urban environment. With an interest in the roles of actor and spectator, as well as the changeable margin between them, I was looking for common features in the urban environment and the performance creation process, viewing ideology as a metaphoric theatre director. The show was developed as experiential route and multimedia installation, with close relationship with surrounding architecture, emphasizing on its histories. When there is a moment to get on the stage?

    "Getting on the stage is accompanied by dazzling lights, and for a moment it seems that the public disappears."

    "His profile page on the digital contracting site states: “I am an American Male Voice Over Actor. I do e-learning, medical narration, meditation, whiteboards, YouTube, games, videos, and most anything else that needs just the right voice! “Such a voice will fit to describe Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers!"

    "Thanks for waiting. Please wait, someone will contact you soon."

    Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers, the show from Liene Pavlovska on Vimeo.