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  2. I am an artist and a scenographer. My practice focuses on the responsibility of individual actions and the accountability of a collective body. I am interested in the role of the spectator and actor and the blurred boundaries between both; as well as the relations between an individual and society.

  3. Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers

    Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers is an expression used in Latvian language to describe a fictional place of wealth and happiness. Growing up in Latvia where society shifted from a communist past towards a capitalist future, I wonder how the idea of Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers is represented in these regimes and how narratives of past and present are created, whilst directed and hosted within the Urban Stage.

    Exhibited at Studio for Immediate spaces graduation show Event Horizon at Klaproos Amsterdam
    Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018

    Performed by: Elisabeth Mesnier, Mathilde Helbo, Elia Castino

    Photo documentation: Mirko Podkowik, Francesca Lucchitta


  4. In the Union of Equals labor law and food quality is equal  .  ? A performative action of displaying food with the same product packaging bought in The Netherlands and Latvia. The appearance of the goods are the same, ingredients may differ.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017
    Performed with: Mathilde Helbo, Elia Castino, and Naomi Crede

    Photo documentation: Mirko Podkowik

  5. Snooze* offers the enjoyment of solitude whilst collectively listening to the calming and at the same time frustrating phone line waiting sounds. "You are very important to us. Someone will approach you shortly. Please, hold."

    *To not allow oneself to wake up.

    Exhibited at group show SALSA at Paleis van Mieris.
    Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017

  6. The Love Song to Milk Rivers and Jelly Coasts.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018
    Performed by: Mathilde Helbo, Sarah Daniel, Elia Castino

    Photo documentation: Mirko Podkowik

  7. Private Within Communal

    Audio guided and narrated performance where spectators become actors. Starting with creating floor plans from all of the places where I have ever lived, I wonder how larger scale politics have influenced my personal paths. How much am I guided and where lies the choice? Narrative constructed around property law, its changes during the time and looking into my personal and my family history. 

    Sandberg Institute Assembly Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016




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