Liene Pavlovska

  1. I am an artist and scenographer. My work begins with the interest in socio-economic society models and collective desires resulting from them, as well as how they determine the living space of humans and other beings. Furthermore, I am interested in the role of the spectator and actor and the blurred boundaries between both. I am looking for my agency within larger societal structures, by comparing relationship among an individual and a built environment, and the role of an actor within scenography on a stage. I am researching and using theatrical methods of expression, and the experience of catharsis in the context of visual art. The research manifests as immersive multimedia installations, often creating situations that look into political sleepiness, impotent actions, and simultaneously within the opposite – what conditions and reasons make me and one to wake up and to act.

  2. collaborations:
    2022-2023, project "Dissident Publics: Future Artefacts of Queer Methodologies"
    2018-2020, collective Fabulous Future

    2023 Walking In Found Boots, gallery DOM, Riga, LV
    2021 When I Walk in Boots I Found, Vidzemes market, Homo Novus, Riga, LV
    2020 Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers, TIK, Riga, LV
    2019 Close Your Eyes and Smilekim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga, LV

    selected group exhibitions:
    2019 Black Market, kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga, LV
    2018 Studio for Immediate Spaces graduation show, Event Horizon, Klaproos, Amsterdam, NL
    2017 Table&Review, kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga, LV
    2017 Salsa, Paleis van Mieris, Amsterdam, NL
    2017 Jam, Neverneverland, Amsterdam, NL
    2015 Mapping the Future, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, LV
    2015 The Beginnings, Prague Quadrennial 2015, Art Academy of Latvia student exposition, Prague, CZ

    2020 NAC, Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts Residency Programme, Nida, LT
    2020 HIAP, Helsinki International Artist Programme, Helsinki, FI
    2017 Trauma&Revival: Contemporary Encounters program, kim? Contemporary art Center, Riga, LV; Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, PL
    2016 Space-Daugavpils, Daugavpils theater, Daugavpils, LV
    2013 Open Circle, Homo Novus theater festival, Riga, LV

    press / featured at:
    2020 IN/Search RE/Search, Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers, p108-113, edited by Gabrielle Kennedy, published by Valiz
    2020 Crisis Herald, issue 1, Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers, p10-11, curated and published by LOWERS, LOW
    2019 express interview for
    2018 The Name of the Author, Jelly Coasts and Milk Rivers, p106-107, curated by Jules van den Langenberg, published by PS (Public Sandberg)

    selected scenographies:
    2016 From Rosenthal, scenography, costumes, premiere at Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, LV
    2016 Parallel Realities, scenography, theater festival Space Daugavpils, Daugavpils, LV
    2015 A Need to Write, exhibition design, Latvian National Library, Riga, LV
    2015 Alice in Wonderland, scenography, Latvian Puppet Theater, Riga, LV
    2014 How the Other Half Loves, scenography, costumes, Daugavpils Theater, Daugavpils, LV
    2014 My, Your, Our Riga 100 Years Ago, exhibition design, Latvian National Library, Riga, LV
    2014 Dabaseybis Pūddarneica, scenography, costumes, Daugavpils Theater, Daugavpils, LV
    2013 Marina Tsvetaeva, scenography, costumes, video, Dirty Deal Teatro, Riga, LV
    2013 100 g kultūras, set design, Latvian National television, Riga, LV
    2012 The Ugly One, scenography, costumes, KKC, Riga, LV

    2019, 2020, 2023 State Culture Capital Foundation, Latvia, creative scholarship
    2016, 2018 State Culture Capital Foundation, Latvia, study scolarship

    MA Studio for Immediate Spaces, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, NL
    BA; MA Stage Design, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, LV
    Department for Set Design for Stage and Screen, Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London, London, UK

  3. write me here: pavlovska.liene ( @ )

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